Susan’s Den reel

By Joe Liddy

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One setting

X: 1
T: Susan's Den
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
FE|:DB,A,B, DEFA|B2 AF ABde|fd d2 edBc|dBAF E2 FE|
DB,A,B, DEFA|B2 AF ABde|fded Bdfe|1 dBAF D2 FE:|2 dBAF D2FG||
|:Ad d2 Adfd|adfd edBA|dBAF DEFA|dBAF E2 FG|
[1 Ad d2 Adfd|adfd edBd|fded Bdfe|dBAF D2 FG:|
[2 Ad d2 Adfa|bfaf gfed|BdAd fded|BdAF D2 FE||

One comment

Susan’s Den

Herself told me to catch up with some things musical this afternoon, in the course of which I’ve come across the notation for this, sent to me a long time ago by the late fiddle player Pat Neilly. I’d lost the tune from my current memory, but it’s a wee cracker, and deserves to be shared and played. Pat wrote that it had, in turn, been sent to him by a fiddler friend, and went on: “I understand it was composed by Joe Liddy, a Leitrim fiddler. Quite a nice going reel and no doubt you will, like me, put decorations in where you feel they will give it a bit more colour.”
No more to be said by me, except that I’ve searched for reference to the late Joe Liddy on this site and found that CCE had informed another member that it was not possible to trace his estate; so I post the tune but will of course remove it if asked to.
Please post any other information about this tune if you have it.