Anne Fraser MacKenzie jig

By Bobby MacLeod

Also known as Ann Fraser MacKenzie, Ann Frazer MacKenzie.

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Two settings

X: 1
T: Anne Fraser MacKenzie
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
|:D|G2G FGA|G2G AFD|B2B ABc|dcB A2D|
G2G FGA|B2B cBc|dBG DEF|G3 G2:|
|:B|d2B g2g|e2c ABc|BAG dcB|ABc def|
g2g fge|dcB cBA|dcB DEF|G3 G2:|
X: 2
T: Anne Fraser MacKenzie
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Amaj
E|:A2A GAB|A2A BGE|c2c Bcd|edc BAG|
A2A GAB|c2c dcd|edB EFG|1 (A3 A2)E:|2 (A3 A2)c/d/||
|:e2c aga|f2d Bcd|c2A edc|Bcd efg|
a2a gag|edc dcd|edB EFG|1 (A3 A2)c/d/:|2 (A3 A2)||
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Ten comments

Anne Fraser mackenzie

Of course, this is a two-step rather than a jig. Great tune
and very popular with north-eastern Dance musicians.
Good to see Robin is still doing sterling work passing it on to others.

Anne Fraser MacKenzie

A very popular tune in Scotland written by the late Bobby Macleod from Tobermory for his Fiddle player’s daughter…the Fiddle player was Pibroch Mackenzie.
Published in Bobby’s book, one or two notes slightly different

Ann Fraser MacKenzie

Pibroch MacKenzie was himself from Tobermory on Mull and in the 1960s recorded two albums of his fiddle music that I’m aware of. It was in 1942 while serving at Edinburgh Castle that Pibroch taught himself to play jazz on the fiddle, and in 1949 he joined Bobby MacLeod’s band. Did you ever meet him, John?

Anne Fraser MacKenzie

Although Pibroch…known on the band scene as …’The Pib’ lived and worked In Tobermory he originally came from Torridon in Wester Ross
He was as you said in the Castle and was a drummer in the Lovat Scouts…one of his ‘claims to fame’ was jazzing up Caddam Woods on a BBC broadcast with the Alasdair Downie Band.
Two of his grandsons are very good drummers… plays with Tom Orr the excellent young Accordionist…..

pibroch mackenzie

pibroch mackenzie was my great grandfather, he passed away before i was born. i would be interested to know more about him


Pibroch Mackenzie

Remember your great grandfather well, often saw him at mull music festival, he sometimes played with the late great box player Jim Johnstone from Tranent, Bobby Colgan of Tranent was on drums and I’m sure pibroch played on Bobby’s "bothy Night" album. Can get Bobbies contact details if you post your email address on site, sure bobby will have some great stories about him, the Mishinish sessions were legendary during the festival which pibroch attended. A small bench is erected in memory of you great gran and grandfather on the steep hill out of Tobermory, sometimes I have to stop for a rest on it, see the wee plaque and it brings back memories of happy days.

Re: Ann Frazier MacKenzie

The correct title is "Anne Fraser MacKenzie" and it was composed by Mull accordionist Bobby MacLeod.

Re: Ann Frazier MacKenzie

Already posted in 2014 but in key G

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