Con Cassidy’s hornpipe

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One setting

X: 1
T: Con Cassidy's
R: hornpipe
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
|:c3/2A<eA/ c<e A>c|BE E/E/E G3/2A/ B>d|c3/2A<eA/ c<e A>g|f<d f>a g3/2f/ e>d:|
B/c/d e>f gg gd|B<G B>c d3/2f/ e/d3/2|B/c/d e>f g3/2f/ g>d|f3/2a<fd<gf/ e>d|
B/c/d e>f gg ge|d3/2B<GB<dg/ f>g|a3/2g/ f/g/a g3/2f/ e>^d|e3/2b<af<gf/ e>=d:|

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Hope you don’t mind, but…

I’ve changed the name to “Con Cassidy’s”, as it seems to be the only name for the tune we have. In a recent discussion, it was me who identified the tune as having been recorded as “Con Cassidy’s” by Liz Carroll on her CD “Lost In The Loop”, and as far as I’m aware nobody else came up with any other version apart from Joey Abarta, who plays it as a “Highland” [ not a “German”, I think ]. It’s going to connect in the “Recordings” to a whole load of recordings of other tunes called “Con Cassidy’s”, but that’s one of the unfortunate features of this website. It’s probably better than having yet another “Gan Ainm”. I hope this is acceptable to the original poster, but that was my reasoning for changing the name of the tune.

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…I don’t think anyone plays it as a hornpipe.

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A few small tweaks to your abc text would make both the abc and the sheet music a bit easier to read.

|:c>A e>A c<e A>c| BE E/E/E G>A B>d| c>A e>A c<e A>g| f<d f>a g>f e>d:|
B/c/d e>f gg gd| B<G B>c d<f e<d| Bc/d e>f g>f g>d| f>a f>d g>f e>d|
B/c/d e>f gg ge| d>B G>B d>g f>g| a>g f/g/a g>f e>^d| e>b a>f g>f e>=d:|

This displays the sheet music the same as your abc does - just a little tidier in places.

Note that “A>B” is just shorthand for “A3/2B/2” (and “A<B” for “A/2B3/2”). You have used both methods of notation in your abc, but the sheet music converter displays them exactly the same. If you were trying to convey different rhythmic nuances here, you might need to rethink. But I suspect that the level of detail already conveyed is enough.

begin to begin

Just a remark, my notation is just a base
the most important is how to play with our expression.
the music is living…fun
are there some place for beginner in ABC. 🙂

Re: Con Cassidy’s

The tune is the same as this one (listed as a reel):

People mentioned in the comments for that tune that it was recorded as a slow reel, but I found it (or something very close) in the Northern Fiddler book, p. 155a. It’s an untitled highland from Con Cassidy.

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