Twelve recordings of a tune named
The Irish

Also known as Brogan’s, Charlie Lennon’s, Francie Mooney’s, Francis Mooney’s, Garrett Barry’s, The Hag With The Fiddle, Hugh Gillespie’s, Johnny Doherty’s, Ó Brógáin’s, The Old Donegal, Old Joe’s, Phroinsias’, The Polka, The Polka-(Mazurka), The Polka-, Sonny Brogan’s, Sonny Ó Brógáin’s, Sonny’s, Vincent Campbell’s.

A tune by this name has been recorded together with Sonny’s (a few times), Sonny Brogan’s (a few times), Tommy Peoples’ (a few times), The Hills Of Tara, The Maid On The Green, McCuskers’, The Mist Covered Mountain, Peeler Creek, Shoe The Donkey.

  1. An Buachaill Dreoite by Joe Ryan
  2. And The Fiddles Played On by Fiddleheads
  3. Back To Donegal by Hughie And Kathleen Boyle
  4. Bun Os Cionn / The Blackberry’s Red When It’s Green by Peter Campbell & Caoimhín Mac Aoidh
  5. Folktrax-372: The Princess Royal: Dance Music From South Armagh by The Nine McCusker Brothers & Hugh Savage
  6. Seery Polymer Flute by Various Artists
  7. Shatter The Calm by Dan Beimborn
  8. Stockton’s Wing by Stockton’s Wing
  9. The Brass Fiddle: Traditional Fiddle Music From Donegal by Various Artists
  10. The Celtic Harp by The Chieftains
  11. The Session by Na Connerys
  12. The Sligo Champion (CD 1 of 2) by Michael Gorman