Four recordings of a tune named
The Irish
With a tune named
Tommy Peoples’

The Irish (mazurka) is also known as Brogan’s, Charlie Lennon’s, Francie Mooney’s, Francis Mooney’s, Garrett Barry’s, The Hag With The Fiddle, Hugh Gillespie’s, Johnny Doherty’s, Ó Brógáin’s, The Old Donegal, Old Joe’s, Phroinsias’, The Polka, The Polka-(Mazurka), The Polka-, Sonny Brogan’s, Sonny Ó Brógáin’s, Sonny’s, Vincent Campbell’s.

Tommy Peoples’ (mazurka) is also known as Doherty’s, Donegal, The Donegal, Francie Mooney’s, James Byrne’s, John Doherty’s, Johnny Doherty’s, Kitty’s Fancy, Phroinsias’, Proinsias Ó Maonaigh’s, Rachel On The Rock, Rachel On The Rocks, Tommy’s, Varsovienne.

Ceol Aduaidh by Mairéad Ní Mhaonaigh And Frankie Kennedy

  1. Tommy Peoples’
  2. Francie Mooney’s

Fiddle Sticks, Irish Traditional Music From Donegal by Various Artists

  1. Two Mazurkas
  2. Tommy Peoples’
  3. Phroinsias’

The Princess Royal: Dance Music From South Armagh by The Nine McCusker Brothers & Hugh Savage

  1. Rachel On The Rocks
  2. McCuskers’
  3. The Old Donegal

The Session by Na Connerys

  1. Tommy Peoples’
  2. The Irish