A Whistle On The Wind waltz

By Johnny Cunningham

Also known as Two Is The Beginning Of The End.

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Two settings

X: 1
T: A Whistle On The Wind
R: waltz
M: 3/4
L: 1/8
K: Amix
G3/2 {c}A/|:{gef}e4 {gfg}f3/2 d/|{gef}e4 {gfg}f3/2 d/|{gBd}B4 {gBG}B/ d3/2|
{gBd}B/ {G}A3 {g}G {c}A/|{gef}e4 {gfg}f3/2 d/|{gef}e4 {A}e3/2 f/|{gf}g4 {gBG}B3/2 g/|
[1 {gBd}B/ {G}A3 {g}G {c}A/:|2 {gBd}B/ {G}A3 {g}e f/|:{gf}g4 {ag}a3/2 f/|{gf}g4 {g}e3/2 f/|
{gf}g4 {gBG}B3/2 d/|{gBd}B/ {G}A3 {g}e f/|{gf}g4 {ag}a3/2 f/|{gf}g4 {g}f3/2 g/|
{ag}a4 {gBG}B3/2 g/|1 {gBd}B/ {G}A3 {g}e f/:|2 {gBd}B/ {G}A3 {g}G {c}A/||{gef}e4 {gfg}f3/2 d/|{gef}e4 {gfg}f3/2 d/|
{gBd}B4 {gBG}B/ d3/2|{gBd}B/ {G}A3 {g}G {c}A/|{gef}e4 {gfg}f3/2 d/|{gef}e4 {A}e3/2 f/|
{gf}g4 {gBG}B3/2 g/|{gBd}B/ {G}A3||
X: 2
T: A Whistle On The Wind
R: waltz
M: 3/4
L: 1/8
K: Amix
G>A|:e4 f>d|e4 f>d|B4 B<d|B A3 G>A|
e4 f>d|e4 e>f|g4 B>g|1 B A3 G>A:|2 B A3 e>f|
|:g4 a>f|g4 e>f|g4 B>d|B A3 e>f|g4 a>f|
g4 f>g|a4 B>g|1 B A3 e>f:|2 B A3 G>A|
e4 f>d|e4 f>d|B4 B<d|B A3 G>A|
e4 f>d|e4 e>d|g4 B>g|B A3||

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A Whistle On The Wind

To the best of my knowledge, this is the tune (by the same name) that’s on the Joanie Madden album (by the same name). The tune was written by John Cunningham. This arrangement is for the Highland Bagpipe (Amix), although it can be played on a flute or whistle with revised ornamentation. The arrangement was played in a Los Angeles area Pub on St. Patrick’s Day by a small group of pipers as part of a set, and was received very well. It should be played slowly and freely (about tempo 59). Enjoy.

I’ll add a comment to this later, but listen to the Midi. 🙂 [ unless it’s just my computer ].

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A Whistle On The Wind

“…listen to the Midi….” Wow. 🙂

“[ unless it’s just my computer ].”

Nope, not just you Kenny.

Wow, tsauce, that’s a detailed transcription! I’ve added a “tidier” version myself below yours, it’s had the grace notes removed.

As for Kenny’s point, do have a listen to the MIDI -- there are some issues I’m sure you’ll agree! Much of it stems from the extra repeat marks, I believe. My third setting is just a version of yours again.

Runaway MIDI

You’re spot-on about the MIDI . . . although the tune, as originally published was for a pipe setting, not a MIDI file. Good job in cleaning it up for MIDI purposes, even though the MIDI is much faster than it should be played. Thanks again.

No problem -- cheers for the detailed transcription! 🙂

You haven’t quite got the rhythm right there, Smash. There should be a dot by the note each time there’s a dotted quaver/semi-quaver pattern ‘leading back’ as it were. In your transcription you’ve managed to lose a semiquaver each time and it makes it difficult to follow - for me both visually and aurally.

In which transcription?

-- EDIT --

Scrap that, working on it now.

All three settings have 5/8 bars, I realise…

Yeah. I had thought they were 11/16 bars, but I see what you mean - there’s another ‘missing’ semi-quaver as well. I think you’ll find that some bars are still 11/16 rather than 10/16 … And I hadn’t even noticed that in the first one, ‘cos I couldn’t get to grips with it enough at all. Your ’simplified’ version kind of flagged it up.

… hey, you’ve changed it (I’ve only looked at the second one as yet). Much better. Thank you! 🙂

Right, so I’ve changed the “bare bones” version, the third setting of mine keeps crashing my browser because it’s so darn complicated, so I’ve left it blank for now - I’ll come back to it when I get the chance.

I got my grace notes/ornaments confused when removing them.

I’m not surprised. I much prefer the look of the thing with quavers, as you’ve now done it. Much easier to read, works on Midi and you can always make ’em snappier, as it were, according to taste. Never heard a Scotch snap that’s *exactly* semiquaver + double dotted crotchet in any case, though maybe close sometimes.

Yeah, I was aiming for as-simple-as-possible for people to then interpret as they wish!


Johnny Cunningham re-titled this air as “Two Is The Beginning Of The End” when it was used as the opening and closing track of the 1996 “Peter & Wendy” CD, which I have just posted in the “Recordings” section.

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OH MY! (aching ears)

tsauce, please fix your repeat marks!