Rheinlænder Nr. 13 hornpipe

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One setting

X: 1
T: Rheinlænder Nr. 13
R: hornpipe
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Amaj
cd|:e2.c'2 d2.b2|ceag aecA|G2f=f ^fedB|A2f=f ^fecd|
e2.c'2 d2.b2|ceag aecA|G2f=f ^fedB|1 A2c2 ABcd:|2 A2c2 (3ABAGA||
|:B2ef gfe2|c2fg agf2|b2f2 b2f2|g3f e2GA|
B2ef gfe2|c2fg agf2|b2f2 b2(3fgf|1 edef eBGA:|2 edef e=dcd||
|:e2.c'2 d2.b2|ceag aecA|G2f=f ^fedB|1 A2f=f ^fecd:|2 A2c2 A2zd||
|:f4 d3f|a4 f3_b|.b2.e2 .g2.c2|dd'c'b abag|
f4 d3f|a4 f3_b|.b2.e2 .g2.c2|1 d2b2 d'2z2:|2 (3dedcd||

Two comments

Impossibly fun tune from Baltic Crossing

This tune is a Schottische I’ve learned off of Baltic Crossing’s “Firetour” album, which is a really fabulous album anyhow, not to mention I would’ve bought it just for this tune alone! It’s one of those slightly cheeky, but fun little tunes that you could play over and over, and never get tired of, at least for me.
Obviously, if you’ve not heard it, it’s played with plenty of swing. In fact, on the recording, it almost sounds like Texas swing, really!

While I’m not actually sure where it’s from, hopefully somebody here might know, or one who has the liner notes could tell me. (I only have the digital copy from iTunes.)

Slightly crooked, too!

Do be sure and note that the tune clips a couple beats right at the end, when repeating.