The Quay Pit reel

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One setting

X: 1
T: The Quay Pit
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Bmin
FB~B2 FB^DB|cAFA EA (3cBA|FB~B2 GB~B2|c=dec dBcA|
FB~B2 fB~B2|cAFA EA (3cBA|dA~A2 eAfA|FBBA B3A|
FB~B2 fB^df|cAFA EFAc|~B3A F=d~d2|cAec dcde|
fB~B2 ABDB|cAFA EA (3cBA|dA~A2 eAfA|FBBA B3c||
d2 (3efg abba|geed eAce|d2 (3efg ad~d2|bdc'd gece|
d2 (3efg abba|geed eAcA|dA~A2 eAfA|FBBA B3c|
d2 (3efg abba|geed eAce|d2Bd Ad~d2|Bdcd edce|
d2 (3efg abba|geed eAcA|dA~A2 eAfA|FBBA B3f||
|:ge~e2 ge~e2|fd~d2 BdFd|EeeB dcBc|DddA (3Bcd ef|
ge~e2 GeBe|fd~d2 FABA|dA~A2 eAfA|FBBA B3f:|
|:gabg agfd|cF~F2 fFcF|~F2fF eBEc|DddA (3Bcd ef|
gabg agfd|cF~F2 fABA|dA~A2 eAfA|1 FBBA B3f:|2 FBBA B3A||

One comment

I co-wrote this with a friend. It’s written for English concertina, hence the D#s, and makes a change from tunes like "The Musical Priest" and "Sweeny’s Buttermilk". For those with D#-unfriendly instruments, alternatives are below:
bar 1: |FB~B2 FB~B2|
bar 9: |FB~B2 ~f3f|
Also high C# (c’) ornaments can just be omitted, and if bars 19 and 20 are a problem they can be played like bars 27 and 28, an octave down.
The name looks as though it has a mining theme, but actually it’s just silly wordplay if you take the genre into account :->