Two recordings of
The Flowers Of Spring
The Hag With The Money

The Flowers Of Spring (jig) is also known as Bláthanna An Earraigh, The Northern, Tom Billy Murphy’s No. 1, Tom Billy’s, Tom Billy’s Favourite.

The Hag With The Money (jig) is also known as ’Sí Do Mhamó Í, ’Sí Do Mheomai Í, An Cailleach An Airgid, Caileach An Airgead, Caileach An Airgid, Cailleach An Airgead, Cailleach An Airgid, Callagh An Airgid, Mary Duggan’s, Sí Do Mháimeó, ’Sí Do Mhaimeo í, Sí Do Mhamó í, Whore Among The Nettles Roaring.

Sunday After Mass by Denis O'Connor and Con Moynihan

  1. The Hag With The Money
  2. Tom Billy’s

Traditional Irish Music On Flute And Tin Whistle by Laurence Nugent

  1. The Frost Is All Over
  2. The Flowers Of Spring
  3. The Hag With The Money