Hm? march

Also known as Hm~?, Hmm?, Hmmm?, Just Another March.

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Eleven comments

“Hm?” C: ‘c’ 😎

Don’t give me guff, I didn’t name it, and they didn’t tell me how I was to spell it either ~ one ‘m’, two ‘m’s, three ’m’s ~ or more? But the confusion suggests that however you spell it that question mark should follow, or should it be an exclamation mark? No, definitely a question mark. I had no choice, it was those little farts under the desk, and they were torturing me with stinging nettles…

Hm… It seems to have more of a polka feel than a barndance.

You did read the contents didn’t you dear friend ~ “Just another march”! Or ~ what Dow/Mark and I used to sometimes refer to as a ‘ballroom polka’. 😀

It goes well with a dance known, along with other variations and names, as “The Seattle Polka”, and one description can be found on site here in the comments for a tune submitted by yours truly:

“Björn’s Polka”
# Added by ceolachan - November 16th, 2004

See also ‘comments’ for ~
“The Hawk Polka”
# Added by ceolachan - June 30th, 2005

I’ve played and danced to this sort of thing in a barn before, but today it was mostly in the kitchen. 😉

Dear Jeremy,

Why oh why is there no category for ‘kitchendance’?

Yours perplexed,

Mrs. Wilde-Garlick, Tresco.

Mmmmmmm! Wild garlic, mmmmmmmmmmmmm! I have managed to get it to take all along our little Northern strip, outside our door, with strawberries too, wild and cultivars, and some herbs and a few scraggly roses, oh, yeah, and Bill Martin’s native English oaks, which I’d better find a home for soon. Only, what do I do with the dinosaur food? ~ horsetail fern!? 🙁

I know, I know, I stand corrected, but I do know it’s not a ‘fern’, though some locals tend to call it that… An interesting but awful link, with that damned slide show varying in size so the text keeps jumping around. 😏 😀

Two years later ~ I managed to kill off most of that horsetail, and now I’m naturalizing another fruit found in the wild, though I doubt it’s origins, a thornless raspberry ~ more mmmmmmmmmm!!! I’ve been spreading those seeds from the original, around the source, for a few years now and the numbers are mounting. Even more interesting, it’s succeeding to fruit under the shade of a forest. We were up picking more of that today and spreading yet more seed around the spot of its origin. It’s a lovely little plant and while there aren’t tons of raspberries, what there are ~ mmmmmm!!!

We were also up visiting a struggling yew we grew from seed for friends lost to cancer. Except for the absolute top it seems to finally be coming around from the original shock it showed from being transplanted. I’m going to return and to a little pruning, and sealing the wounds afterwards, hoping it will continue to improve and grow…

Re: Hm? ~ Global warming!!!

Halelujah! I’ve killed it all off. But my oh my has the wild garlic taken off, even in every available crack. We were eating it again today. Here in Britain we’ve had our warmest ever Winter since records were made, and the warmest ever February, and no doubt that will be the same case for March. We had poppies in bloom in December, and the wild garlic was coming up in January. Mad!