Autumn Leaves barndance

Also known as Hulló Levelek, Les Feuilles Mortes.

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One setting

X: 1
T: Autumn Leaves
R: barndance
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmin
|:G2 A2 B2|"Cm7"f2-fe/d/ e4-|"F7"e2 F2 G2 A2|"Bbmaj7"e2-ed/^c/ d4-|
"Ebmaj7"d3f e3d|"Am7b5"c8-|"D7"c2 A2 c3B|"Gm" G8|
z2 G2 A2 B2|"cm7"f2-fe/d/ e4-|"F7"e3g f3e|"Bbmaj7"e2-ed//^c/ d4|
"Ebmaj7"d3f e3d|"Am7b5"c8-|"D7"c2 A2 c3B|"Gm"G8-|G2 z2 c3B||
|:"Am7b5"BA A5-|"D7"A4 G3A|"Gm"B8-|B5 f2|
"Cm7"e3d c4-|"F7"c3g f3e|"Bbmaj7"ed-d5-|"Ebmaj7"d4 ^c2 d2|
[1"Am7b5"ee-e2 g3^f|"D7"d4-d^cde|"Gm"d8- "C9"|"Fm7"d4 "Bb7"G4|
"Ebmaj7"c5 B2|"Am7b5"A4 "D7#5"B2 D2|"Gm"G8|"G7" z8:|
[2"Am7b5"ee-e2 g3^f|"D7"d5 ga|"Gm"ba g4 "C9"f2|"Fm7"d5 "Bb7"G2|
"Ebmaj7"c5 B2|"Am7b5"A4 "D7#5"B2 ^F2|"Gm"A2 A5-|A8||
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Autumn Leaves

A fantastic air for the uilleann pipes, I love this key, you will need to use your keys on the chanter to be able to play this air.

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C: Kozma József

Classic jazz number, composed by Kozma József/Joseph Kosma, for a ballet by Roland Petit (Le Rendez-vous). Words were written by Kosma’s colleague, Jacques Prévert and it later became a theme for a Marcel Carné movie (Les Portes de la nuit). After that, Johnny Mercer wrote some lyrics in English and it took off.

This will be a bit of a pig if you don’t have keys on your chanter!

The Autumn Leaves Drift By My Window

Yeah, I have about 40 different recordings of Autumn Leaves on my computer, it’s a very common jazz standard. You could tap this resource effectively forever if you were so inclined: and There are tunes that would be a bit easier on pipes or flutes too. Without a chord progression behind the melody most would sound a bit unfinished, to put it mildly. Autumn Leaves would be a lot less finger twisting on the pipes in A minor, too. It’s amusing to think of it as a barn dance too…no category here for airs so eh.

autumn leaves?

well, i guess there is room for jazz standards in ITM? no?

it is all good!

except the midi has serious faults