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One setting

X: 1
T: The House In The Glen
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
ded GBd|edB d2e|dBA GAB|AGE EGE|
ded GBd|edB d2e|dBA GAB|AGF G3:|
ded GBd|~g2g e2g|dgd edB|BAG ABc|
ded GBd|~g2g e2g|dBG AGA|BGF G3:|

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The House In The Glen (??)

I don’t know anything about this tune — actually, I don’t even have a proper name for it. I just stumbled upon it listening to P. J. Crotty’s lovely flute playing on YT, and in the description it says that it’s "The House In The Glen", so I submitted it like that. It’s entirely different from any Glenhouse I could find though… could it be possible that there are different tunes sharing the same name? 😲

So, if anyone can confirm this name… or if you know it by another one, please add! 🙂

However, here’s the clip in question; 2nd tune, starts @ ~1:02…

The 1st tune is "Darby The Driver"…

Oh yes, that’s what tunepal said as well when I played it in A, just in case.
I didn’t recognize it though because of the 8ve differences in the A part… but now that I’ve had a closer look, it might indeed be the same tune, or at least a closely related one. D’oh on me…
And thanks a lot!

Re: The House In The Glen

This tune is played in the key of G after ‘Connie the Soldier’ on the first CD of the ‘Monks of the Screw’ (Newmarket, Co. Cork).

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Re: The House In The Glen

… one of my favourite sets that … Hup Sliabh Luachra!!!

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