Two recordings of
Staten Island
The Devil’s Dream

Staten Island (hornpipe) is also known as Staten Island Ferry, The Staten Island Ferry, The Staten Island.

The Devil’s Dream (hornpipe) is also known as De’il Amang The Tailors, De’il Amang The Taylors, The De’il Amang The Taylors, De’il Among Da Tailors, De’il Among The Tailors, The De’il Among The Tailors, De’il Among The Taylors, The De’il Among The Taylors, De’il Amongst The Tailor, De’il Amongst The Tailors, De’ll Amang The Tailors, Deil Among The Tailors, The Devil Among The Tailors, Devil Among The Taylors, The Devil Among The Taylors, The Devil Amongst The Tailors, Le Rêve Du Diable, Reel Du Diable.

King Of The Melodeon Men by Jimmy Shand

  1. The De’il Among The Taylors
  2. Staten Island
  3. Speed The Plough
  4. The Wind That Shakes The Barley
  5. Mrs McLeod’s

The Reel Party: "Are Ye Askin'?" by The Glencraig Scottish Dance Band

  1. De’il Amang The Tailors
  2. St. Anne’s
  3. Aitken Drum
  4. Duncan Gray
  5. Staten Island
  6. Mrs. McLeod Of Raasay
  7. The Fairy Dance
  8. The Mason’s Apron
  9. Soldier’s Joy