The Battle Of Yellow Ford march

Also known as Barrack Hill, The March To Aughrim, O’Neill’s.

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One setting

X: 1
T: The Battle Of Yellow Ford
R: march
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Emin
|"Fiddle#1 Em"B2 E2 E2 GA| B2 BA G2 A2|B2 E2 E2 FE| "D"D2 DE F2 A2|
"Em" B2 E2 E2 GA|B2 BA G2 A2|BABc dcBA|"D"((4FGFE D2) "Em"E2 z2:||
"Em"B2 e2 e2 de|"D"f2 fe "Em"d2 B2|"D" A2 F2 d2 D2|AGFE DEFG|
"Em"B2 e2 e2 de|"D"f2 fe "Em"d2 B2|"D"DEFG AGFE|((4FGFE D2) "Em"E2 z2:|]
"Fiddle #2"|:e2 B2 B2 Bd|e2 ed e2 f2|e2 B2B2 dB| A2 AF A2 d2|
e2 B2B2 Bd|e2 ed e2 f2|edef gfed|((4cdcB) A2 B2z2:|
|:e2 g2 g2 ga|b2 ba g2 e2|d2 A2 f2 A2|dBAG FGAB|
e2 g2 g2 ga|b2 ba g2 e2|FGAB dcBA|((4cdcB) A2 B2:|

Six comments

Battle of Yellow Ford

This is a tune one of our band members recalled from distant memory. It obviously refers to the battle between Ulster and the British in 1598. I think it also has lyrics, but we’ve never been able to track them down. If anybody knows them, I’d love to get them. It’s a simple melody but sounds great as a twin fiddle tune with slides and doublestops added. We sometimes do it with bouzouki taking the melody line and mandolin on high harmony, and that sounds cool too. There is an MP3 of it on our website ( if you want to hear, although that version was before we wrote the harmony line.

Pass on the midi

Great tune, but the MIDI transcription for this somehow got quite surreal (especially if you make ‘concertina’ the default voice) — I think the converter got confused by having chords over the first voice but not over the second; gives it a very Fellini Film Soundtrack feel ;)

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Awesome midi

That’s the best midi music I’ve heard so far… it sounds like something Bella Bartok would compose. hahahaha

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#1287 ~ this tune:
"The March To Aughrim" / "The Battle of Yellow Ford" / "O’Neill’s ~ march

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Similar Recording…

Heard a recording of Paddy Keenan playing "Mairseail Ui Neill: O’Neill’s March" on his Poirt An Phiobaire album that sounded near identical to this - Sounded awesome with drum (bodhran?) and a rather spartan take on regulator playing. When I looked up O’Neill’s March it gave me a completely different piece of music (polka) - nature of the game I guess…