One recording of
Dr. Gilbert’s
The New Found Out

Dr. Gilbert’s (reel) is also known as Dispute At The Crossroads, The Dispute At The Crossroads, Doctor Gilbert, Doctor Gilbert’s, Doctor Gilbert’s Fancy, Donegal Gilbert, Dr Gilbert, Dr Gilbert’s, Dr. Gilbert, Dr. Gilbert’s Fancy, Dr. Gilbert’s Fancy Concert, Lord Gilbert’s.

The New Found Out (reel) is also known as Aggie Whyte, Aggie Whyte’s, An Slipéar Sróil, The High Road To Galway, The Satin Slipper, Seamus Connolly’s, The Silver Slipper.

Keelwest by Paul McGrattan

  1. The Dispute At The Crossroads
  2. Murphy’s Hound
  3. The Satin Slipper