Two recordings of
Dr. Gilbert’s
The Red-Haired Lass

Dr. Gilbert’s (reel) is also known as Dispute At The Crossroads, The Dispute At The Crossroads, Doctor Gilbert, Doctor Gilbert’s, Doctor Gilbert’s Fancy, Donegal Gilbert, Dr Gilbert, Dr Gilbert’s, Dr. Gilbert, Dr. Gilbert’s Fancy, Dr. Gilbert’s Fancy Concert, Lord Gilbert’s.

The Red-Haired Lass (reel) is also known as Ag Lomairt Na GCaorach, The Crusheen, Dipping The Sheep, Jim Seery’s, The Kildoney Lasses, Peter Kennedy’s Fancy, Red Haired Lass, The Red Haired Lass, Red Haired Lasses, The Red Haired Lassie, The Redheaded Lassie, Shearing The Sheep.

Links by Silver Arm

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  2. The Providence
  3. Ah Surely
  4. Red Haired Lass

Tunes from the External Hard Drive by Tolka

  1. The Hut In The Bog
  2. Dr Gilbert’s
  3. The Red-haired Lass