Two recordings of
Dr. Gilbert’s
The Curlews

Dr. Gilbert’s (reel) is also known as Dispute At The Crossroads, The Dispute At The Crossroads, Doctor Gilbert, Doctor Gilbert’s, Doctor Gilbert’s Fancy, Donegal Gilbert, Dr Gilbert, Dr Gilbert’s, Dr. Gilbert, Dr. Gilbert’s Fancy, Dr. Gilbert’s Fancy Concert, Lord Gilbert’s.

The Curlews (reel) is also known as The Curlew, Josephine Keegan’s, My Granny Went To Lourdes And Drowned In The Pool.

Celtic Reign by Celtic Reign

  1. Dr. Gilbert’s
  2. John Brennan’s
  3. The Curlew

Timing Is Everything by siobhan Smith

  1. New Hands
  2. Dr. Gilbert
  3. Julia Delaney’s
  4. The Curlew