One recording of
Dr. Gilbert’s
Over The Moor To Peggy

Dr. Gilbert’s (reel) is also known as Dispute At The Crossroads, The Dispute At The Crossroads, Doctor Gilbert, Doctor Gilbert’s, Doctor Gilbert’s Fancy, Donegal Gilbert, Dr Gilbert, Dr Gilbert’s, Dr. Gilbert, Dr. Gilbert’s Fancy, Dr. Gilbert’s Fancy Concert, Lord Gilbert’s.

Over The Moor To Peggy (reel) is also known as The Monasteraden Fancy, The Monastereden Fancy, The Monasterevin Fancy, The Monasteryedan Fancy, The Monasteryeden Fancy, Over The Moore To Peggy.

The Apple in Winter - Irish Music in New York by Brian Conway & Tony DeMarco

  1. Dr. Gilbert’s
  2. Over The Moor To Peggy