One recording of
Dr. Gilbert’s
An Ugly Customer

Dr. Gilbert’s (reel) is also known as Dispute At The Crossroads, The Dispute At The Crossroads, Doctor Gilbert, Doctor Gilbert’s, Doctor Gilbert’s Fancy, Donegal Gilbert, Dr Gilbert, Dr Gilbert’s, Dr. Gilbert, Dr. Gilbert’s Fancy, Dr. Gilbert’s Fancy Concert, Lord Gilbert’s.

An Ugly Customer (reel) is also known as After The Hare, The Casagh, The Eleventh Of October, John Henry’s, John Watt Henry’s, Johnny ‘Watt’ Henry’s, Johnny Henry’s, Johnny Watt Henry’s, Paddy Sean Nancy’s, Rochdaire Gránna.

Attuned by Gillian Boucher

  1. Johnny Watt Henry’s
  2. Dr. Gilbert’s
  3. The Sailor’s Bonnet