Fifty-two recordings of a tune named
Hector The Hero

Also known as Hector MacDonald The Hero.

A tune by this name has been recorded together with The Baker, Banjo Breakdown, The Clumsy Lover, The East Clare, The Girls At Martinfield, The Jig Of Slurs, Lady Madelina Sinclair, The Laird Of Drumblair, The Left Handed Fiddler, Little Donald In The Pigsty, The Marquis Of Huntly’s, The Mason’s Apron, Miss Wedderburn’s, The Piper’s Maggot, Rakish Paddy, The Train Journey North.

  1. 1975: The First Album by The Bothy Band
  2. A Cape Breton Piper by Barry Shears
  3. A Clare Conscience by Aidan McMahon, Anthony Quigney, Donncha Moynihan, Ronan Moloney
  4. A Fiddle Affair by Kierah
  5. A Wind Of Change by Brendan O’Regan
  6. Air Time by Fiodhna Gardiner
  7. Beyond the Stacks by Aly Bain And Ale Möller
  8. Branches by Andrea Beaton
  9. Bruscar Bán by The Culchies
  10. Callanish by Callanish
  11. Cape Breton Live - Take 2 by Various Artists
  12. Catch The Air by Gavin Whelan
  13. Celtic Fiddle Festival: Encore by Johnny Cunningham, Kevin Burke, Christian lemaitre, Soig Siberil
  14. Collectors’ Items by Duncan Dyker And Friends
  15. Deliriously Happy by Dylan Foley
  16. Don’t Touch that Green Linnet by Paul and David Garner with Jon Hicks
  17. Dragon Reels by Roger Landes
  18. Fidil 3 by Ciarán Ó Maonaigh, Aidan O’Donnell, Damien McGeehan
  19. Homelands by Gavin Whelan
  20. Irish Rochester (CD 2) by Various Artists
  21. Kavan From Cavan by Kavan Donohoe
  22. Live at Finnegan’s Wake by The Ned Devines
  23. Live at Sarah’s, Bristol UK by Choonz
  24. Metamorfose by Virandeira Folk
  25. Music From The Heart by Pius MacIsaac
  26. No Doubt by Six Mile Bridge
  27. O’er The Moor, Among The Heather by Deby Benton Grosjean
  28. One by Natalie MacMaster and Donnell Leahy
  29. Our Favourites by Lewis And Harris Accordion And Fiddle Club
  30. Passing Through by Rig The Jig
  31. Piper’s Maggot by Chris Miller And Ken Campbell
  32. Recorded at Fiddler’s Hearth by Tommy Peoples
  33. Sae Will We Yet by Tony Cuffe
  34. Scatter Pipes by Vicki Swan And Jonny Dyer
  35. Shines like Silver by Cady Finlayson
  36. Straight From The Bottle by Jameson’s Revenge
  37. The Big Spree by Breabach
  38. The Broken Chanter by Fred Morrison
  39. The Gooseberry Bush by BlackSheep
  40. The Humours Of Lewisham, Volume Three by Aidan Crossey
  41. The Mason’s Apron by Sully
  42. The Next One by Four Leaf Peat
  43. The Quiet Glen by Tommy Peoples
  44. The Wee Hours by Various Artists
  45. Tony McManus by Tony McManus
  46. Transatlantic Sessions 3 by Various Artists
  47. Two For Two by Laurence Nugent
  48. Unleashed by Wolfstone
  49. We’re Irish Still by Various Artists
  50. Whistle O’er The Lave O’t by Alex Green
  51. With Complements by Patsy Reid
  52. With Silver And All by Jenna Reid