Two recordings of
The Exile Of Erin
Seán Sa Cheo

The Exile Of Erin (reel) is also known as Egg Salad Errand, Exile From Erin, Exile From Ireland, Ireland In Exile, Peace In Erin.

Seán Sa Cheo (reel) is also known as Jack In The Fog, John In The Fog, John In The Mist, John Of The Fog, Johnny In The Fog, Lough Island Castle, Lough Isle Castle, The New Lough Island Castle, The New Lough Isle Castle, Sean In The Fog, Sean In The Mist, Sean Na Cheo, Seán Sa Ceo, Seán Sa Cheoidh.

Boston College Irish Fiddle Festival: My Love is in America by Various Artists

  1. Exile Of Erin
  2. Sean Sa Cheo

The Stool Of Repentance by Donnybrook

  1. The Holly Bush
  2. Exile Of Erin
  3. Sean Sa Cheo
  4. Any McGann’s