Two recordings of
The Exile Of Erin
Beare Island

The Exile Of Erin (reel) is also known as Egg Salad Errand, Exile From Erin, Exile From Ireland, Ireland In Exile, Peace In Erin.

Beare Island (reel) is also known as B�ara, Bare Island, Barra Island, Bear Island, Beara Island, The Beara Island, Beare Haven, The Beare Island, The Bearhaven Lassies, Bere Island, The Berehaven Lassies, The Bheara, Finbar Dwyer’s Fancy, Finbarr Dwyer’s Fancy, R’il Bheara, Ril Bheara, Ril Bhearra.

Traditional Irish Music From Boston by The Magic Square

  1. Exile From Erin
  2. Finbar Dwyer’s Fancy
  3. John Brennan’s

Waiting for the Snow by Nor'easter

  1. Exile Of Erin
  2. Beare Island