Two recordings of
The Exile Of Erin
The Old Blackthorn

The Exile Of Erin (reel) is also known as Egg Salad Errand, Exile From Erin, Exile From Ireland, Ireland In Exile, Peace In Erin.

The Old Blackthorn (reel) is also known as An Sean-draighneán, The Auld Blackthorn, The Blackthorn Stick, The Blackthorn, The Blackthorne Stick, Clear The Road, The Inch Of Garth, The Jolly Clamdigger, The Jolly Clamdiggers, The Old Black Thorn, The Old Blackthorn Stick, The Old Blackthorne, Rafferty’s, Rising Sun, The Rising Sun, Strone Johnny.

Live In Seattle by Martin Hayes And Dennis Cahill

  1. Kilnamona
  2. P Joe’s Pecurious Pachelbel Special
  3. Finbarr Dwyer’s Reel No 1
  4. Rakish Paddy
  5. Fitzgerald’s
  6. The Humours Of Tulla
  7. Exile Of Erin
  8. The Old Blackthorn
  9. Ger The Rigger
  10. Ship In Full Sail
  11. Port Na BPucai

Stonemason's Daughter by Kierah

  1. Kilnamona
  2. Ships In Full Sail
  3. Ger The Rigger
  4. The Blackthorne Stick
  5. The Exile Of Erin
  6. The Humours Of Tulla