Athernie Lodge jig

Also known as Aithernie Lodge, Atherny Lodge.

There are 7 recordings of this tune.

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One setting

X: 1
T: Athernie Lodge
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Amix
|:ed|c2A A^GA|dcd e2c|Ace efg|BGB dcB|
c2A A^GA|dcd e2c|Ace dcB|A3 A:|
|:fg|agf gfe|fed e2c|Ace efg|BGB dcB|
[1 agf gfe|fed e2c|Ace dcB|A3 A:|
[2 c2A A^GA|dcd e2c|Ace dcB|A3 A||

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Ooops, its the 2nd tune @1:05

The subject says it all. Corrections welcome.


Unless I’m much mistaken, this tune was played on cittern by Ciaran Curran of “Altan” on one of their recordings, [ “Runaway Sunday” ?] and there were several requests to identify it, which I don’t think anyone ever did. It did always sound Scottish to me, so congratulations “zoronic” - I think you’re the first to identify it, albeit inadvertently.

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A version of this tune was posted here 8 years ago by “Padraig”, under the title “Jim Ward’s”. It was the first in a set of 2 jigs led by Ciaran Curran on “Altan’s” “Runaway Sunday” recording.

My gut feeling would be that “Athernie Lodge” is the older title, and that the tune is Scottish in origin.

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…especially if, as it seems, it was recorded by Bobby McLeod on a 78rpm record.

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A flute player - who is also a Highland piper - at our session last Monday asked me if I knew the 6/8 march “Auld Adam”, and played the beginning of it - it is nearly identical to this tune. I have a pipe band recording of it somewhere, which I’d have to look for, but I had a listen to snippets of it played on “iTunes” on 3 different recordings. The original has 4 parts, and Ciaran Curran’s version is changed a bit, but I’ve no doubt that it’s the tune he [ half ] recorded with “Altan”. So where the title of “Athernie Lodge” came from, apart from being posted under that title on “Youtube”, I don’t know. “Athernie Lodge” is listed on 5 recordings here - it would be interesting if someone could have a listen and check.

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Re: Athernie Lodge

“Aithernie Lodge” was played tonight on BBC radio “Take The Floor” by the Bruce Lindsay Quartet as one of the tunes for the dance “The Linton Ploughman” jig. On the playlist it was attributed to P/M Redpath. Has anyone got more info about this composer?

Re: Athernie Lodge

Found it at 45:48
The sets start at 43:36
TITLE: Linton Ploughman 4x32 jig
a) Muckin o’ Geordies byre [Trad]
b) Elizabeth Donald Mosside [Adam Rennie]
c) Jackson’s Jig [Trad]
d) Aithernie Lodge [P.M. Redpath]
ARTIST: Bruce Lindsay Quartet
BBC Take The Floor Recording

Re: Athernie Lodge

It is printed on page 103 of Christine Martin’s Traditional Scottish Fiddling ((Taigh na Teud, 2002), where it is described as an ‘Orkney dance tune also known as Old Adam’. It is played on the accompanying cd by the ironically-named Tommy Mainland.
I have certainly danced to it in our Scottish Dance class. And googling the name brings up houses in Fife.