Canamine Highland strathspey

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One setting

X: 1
T: Canamine Highland
R: strathspey
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Bmin
|ed||c<AA2E<A AB|{d}cBAB cded|{d}c<A AA E<A A=c|BAGB d2ed|
c<A AA E<A AB|=cBAB ^cded|{d}c<A AA E<A A=c|BAGB d2ed||
=c2ceg2ge|=c2(3efg a2aB|=c2ceg2ge|dBGB {AB}A2AB|
=c2ceg2ge|=c2(3efg a2g(a|b2){b}afg2e2|[dD]BGB {AB}A2ed|
=c2ec gcec|=c2(3efg a2aB|=c2ec gce2|dBGB {AB}A2AB|
=c2ec gcec|=c2(3efg a2ab|afgfe2{f}e2|dBGB {AB}A2ed||

Four comments

Canamine Highland

Taken from the Northern Fiddler: Music and Musicians of Donegal and Tyrone, from the repertoire of Donegal fiddler Simon Doherty nephew of the more well known John Doherty. Simon was a tall thin man with a wild head of curly hair. The authors state that he played in a “wild mountainy style” and enjoyed using long notes and “lonesome double stops” in the tunes he played.

Canamine Highland

Cheers for that Nigel, I grabbed the notes off your website for additional info on the tunes in the N.F. , afraid I just couldn’t be bothered to look for/post the other tunes related to the Canamine, Thanks!