La Bourrasque waltz

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One setting

X: 1
T: La Bourrasque
R: waltz
M: 3/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
AdcA| B6-| BABd3/4d/4cA| F6-| F3A3/4B/4A^A| B=Adced| b3Aaz| a_agec2-| c2AdcA| B6-| BABdcA| G6-|
G3E3/4F/4EF| GFEFGA| B^ABcde| fafdB_B| A^A=Bdc=A| B6-| BABdcA| F6-| F2AA3/4B/4A^A|
BB,^DFB^A3/4B/4| =A2GFEF| G6-| G3B^AB| gfe4-| eA^GABA| fed4-| dA^GABA| cBAcBA| cBAcBA| dz2dd2|
d2AdcA| B6-| BABdcA| F6-| F3A3/4B/4A^A| B=A^GAdf| b3Aa2| a_agec2| c2AdcA| B6-| BABdcA| G6-|
G3E3/4F/4EF| GFEFGA3/4c/4| B^ABcde| fafd3/4c/4B_B| A^A=Bd3/4d/4c=A| B6-| BABdcA| F6-| F3AA^A|
B3^B3/4c/4=c=B| A2GFEF| G6-| G3B^AB| gfe4-| eA^GABA| fed4-| dA^GABA| cBAcBA| cBAcBA| dz2dd2|
d3DGB| d/d/ddDGB| d/d/ddDGB| =c/c/ccDFA| =c/c/ccDFA| f3DFA| f3agf| e/f/ed2c2| d3DGB| d/d/ddDGB|
d/d/ddDGB| =c/c/ccDFA| =c/c/ccDFA| fDFAdg| fed=cBA| G/A/GDGBd| gdcdef| g/a/gf/g/fe/f/e|
d/e/d=c/d/cB/c/B| d=cBdcA| F3aag| fFeFdF| =cDBDAD| G/A/GF/G/FE/F/E| Ddcdef| g2f3e| d2=c2B2|
d=cBdcA| F3dde| f/g/fe/f/ed/e/d| =c/d/cB/c/BA/B/A| GBDGBd| gdcdef| g2f3e| d2=c2B2| d^cedcd|
F3aag| fFeFdF| =cDBDAD| G/A/GDGBd| g2z2|]

Five comments

La Bourrasque

From Dermot Byrne & Floriane Blancke’s recent CD. In June, they toured through Thunder Bay as part of Pierre Schryer’s Canadian Celtic Celebration, and I got to spent some time getting to know them. Dermot gave me a copy of his new CD, and I fell in love with the 4th track, La Bourrasque. On the CD, they play it in "E", but I transposed it to D to play it on the fiddle. It’s not ITM, but it’s played by one of the greats and it’s catching on in TB. Enjoy.

La Bourrasque

Thank you for this transcription. This is my favorite track on the album. I’ll have to give it a shot.

Heard this tune on Clare FM’s West Wind over a year ago now, and searched hopelessly to get the notation to help me learn the tune as per the recording. Needless to say its far to complex a melody for me to pick up by ear (at this stage anyway).

I’m delighted you’ve gone to the trouble of transcribing it here trewartha.