Snake River reel

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One setting

X: 1
T: Snake River
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
|:fg|"D" a2 a2 fedf|"A" efed "G" B2 AB|"D" d2 d2 fede|"D" faaf a2 fg|
"D" a2 a2 fedf|"A" efed "G" B2 AB|"D" d2 d2 "G" BAFE|"D" D6:|
|:AB|"C" =c2 =cA "G" B2 BG|"D" A2 AB AFDA|"C" =c2 =cA "G" B2 AG|"D" A2 d4 AB|
"C" =c2 =cA "G" B2 BG|"D" A2 AB AF D2|" D" A,DDE "G" FD E2|"D" D6:|

Four comments

Snake River

An old-timey reel.

Regardless of idiom, I just love those tunes that change mode whilst keeping the the same tonal centre. This one begins in D-Maj, then switches to D-Mix in the second part.

The original was composed by musician and dance caller Peter Lippincott (formerly of St. Louis, now living in Arkansas).

My abc transcription (with chords) is loosely based on various interpretations of the tune that I’ve heard - there are many!

A nice rendering here:

Another nice rendering here:

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Snake River Reel - the dance

Thanks for the info, mrkelahan.

I’ve just found the intructions for the contra:

Snake River Reel
By Peter Lippincott

Improper longways

Ladies go forward to the centre for a wave and balance as the ladies fall back the men go in and balance

Men allemande left 3/4 to an ocean wave, all balance allemande right neighbour to a wave with ladies in the centre, all balance

In the direction you face all promenade up/down, turn and come back

Balance and swing original neighbour

Shoshone Snake Hand-Sign

“Hold the right hand, back to right, in front of right shoulder at about height of waist and near it, first and second fingers extended, touching, and pointing to front, others and thumb closed; move the hand several inches to front, and, by wrist action, give a wavy, sinuous motion to extended fingers. Frequently only the index finger is extended. I have also seen signs made for Bad Lodge or Brush Lodge to denote these people” (Clark: 1885).