Ettrick Vale Quadrilles jig

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One setting

X: 1
T: Ettrick Vale Quadrilles
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Amaj
"Teviot Bridge"c|ecA E2A|F2A E2F|EFE E2c|d2c Bcd|ecA E2A|
F2AE2c|def ec>B|Aza2|c/d/||e<cA A>ce|>fdf f>ga|ecA AcA|
BGE EGB|ecA Ace|f>df f>ga|ege f^df|ef'e' d'c'b|
e'>c'a e2a|f2ae2f|e>fe e2 c'|d'2c' bc'd'|e'c'a e2a|f2ae2c'|
d'>e'f'e'>c'b|a2z[Acea]||[K:Dmaj]"Row Weel My Boatie"d/e/|f<af edB |d3 d2 d/e/|f<af e>dB|
d3 d2 d/e/|fef afa | baf ede | f<af edB|d3 d'|
a|f'2-f'/f'/e'/d'/c'/d'2-d'/a/^g/a/|c'2-c'/b/a/g/|g2 fa|fad'f'|a^ga^a|
c'b/ a/g/f/e/|dz[dfad']||"Jim of Aberdeen"A|f>gfe|fddf|e>fef|gbag|f>gfe|fddf|
B/c/d/B/ c/d/e/c/|dz [dfad']"D.C."||[L:1/16]"VAR.""2nd and 4th Time"A|fefd agfe|fedc dcdf|e^def efgf|eABc d^de^e|
fefg agfe|fedc dcdf|e^def e=dcB|ABcd efg^g|a^gab aAdf|gfga gAce|
fedc Bgge|dcde dcBA|fefg agfe|fedc dfed|BcdB cdec|d2z2 [dfad']2"D.C."||
[M:6/8] [L:1/8] [K:Cmaj]
A,CE A,CE|A,CE A,z||"She's Fair and She's Fause"c/d/|d>fe edc|B>cB ^G2E|
A>Bc dB^G|A3 A2 c/d/|e>fe edc|B<dA ^G2E|A>Bc dB^G|~A3 az||
c/d/|e2c' c'ba|g<ea g2e|cBc gfe|d<ed B2G|cBc dcd|
edc BA^G|A>Bc dB^G|A3 az||"Coda""8ve-------------------------------------------------------------------------------"\
c/d/|e>fe edc|BcA ^G2E|
A>Bc d<B^G|A3-A2 c/d/|e>fe edc|BcA ^G2E|A>Bc dB^G|A3 A2"loco"|
"The Women Are a'Gaen Wud"E|A>BA A2B|e3-e2 d|B>AG G2B|d2-d2 E|A>BA A2B|e3 e2^f|g>fe d<gB|~A3 az"D.C."||
[M:2/4] [K:Dmaj]"The Bush Aboon Traquair"d|[Adf]2 [Acea]2|[dfad']2 [fad'f']2|e'>d' e'/f'/g'/f'/|
[ee']3 e|[FAdf]2 [Acea]2|f'>e'd'b|a2"tr"c'2{bc'}|dz [dfad']||
"Birks of Invermay"f|a3 b|afed|e>def|B2d2|
a2 a/b/c'/d'/|af ed|gf ed|B2 f>e|
d>BAF|ABde|f2-f/e/d/e/|dz [DFAd]"D.C."||[L:1/16]
{A,B,C}|!segno!D2A,2D2F2|A^GAB A=GFE|D2A,2D2F2|E2 cB AGFE|D2A,2D2F2|
A^GAB A2F2|A2^GF EDCB,|A,2A2 B2c2 |d2A2 d2f2|a^gab a=gfe|
d2A2 d2f2|e2 c'b agfe|d2A2 d2f2|a^gab a2f2|gfef gabc'|d'z [DFAd]z||[L:1/8]
"Auld Scotch Sangs"d|f3 b|a2 f2|e3 f|d2 a2|b3 a|
b2 d'2|a4-|a2 d2|f3 b|a2 f2 | e3f|
d2 d'2|c'2-c'/b/g/e/|b2-b/a/f/d/|a2-a/g/e/c/|dc/B/ A/G/F/E/"D.S."||
"2nd Time""John Come Kiss Me Now"d2 d>e|f2 ed|g2 g>a|g2 fe|d3 e|
f2 "tr"^g2{fg}|a4-|aA Bc|d2 d>e|f2 ed|
g2 g>a|b2 ag|f2 ed|cd ef|f2 d2|d c/B/ A/G/F/E/"D.S."|
"3rd Time""Mary's Dream"A|d3 e|f3 g|a>b ad'|a2 gf|e>d ef|
g2 ab|af d>e|e2 fg|a2 a2|a2 bc'|
d'2 d'2|d'2 c'b|af e>f|g2 ab|af e>d|dc/B/ A/G/F/E/"D.S."|[L:1/16]
"VAR.""Last Time"A|fefg agfe|fedc dcdf|e^def efgf|eABc d^de^e|
fefg agfe|fedc dcdf|e^def e=dcB|ABcd efg^g|
a^gab aAdf|gega gAce|fedc Bgge|dcde dcBA|
fefg agfe|fedc dedc | BcdB cdec|d2cB AGFE"D.S."|

Four comments

Ettrick Vale Quadrilles

An 1861 composition of James Scott Skinner, composed of various popular melodies. The original sheet music may be viewed here: That page also has or had clips of Skinner playing the tunes himself, but I’m not sure if they work anymore - they’re M3U playlist files. I saved the original clips years ago to hear at my own leisure. These are great fun, quite ambitious technically too. The music had piano backing which I’ve not bothered with, and also I did away with some of the chords in the original, except where the piece didn’t work without them.

This is also a very lengthy piece so I’ll find out in a second if the site can display such a sprawling piece of work - I had to build up 4 EasyABC files to see what I was typing, as that program couldn’t handle notes past a certain length, and in similar fashion isn’t showing a preview, so…

In Cape Breton they play the A minor jig sections "She’s Fair and She’s Fause" and "The Women Are a’Gaen Wud" as a standalone jig, under the title "Beauties of the Ballroom," which is the name of the book fiddler Little Jack MacDonald got the tunes from. They also dispense with playing the repeat of the first tune in the 3rd octave as per JSS’s instructions.

Ettrick Vale Quadrilles - Hey, it worked

Phew! Anybody know why a lowercase ‘b’ in a text field in ABC is rendered as the flat symbol, and how to address that? It happens in this tune, with the word "Aboon."

The reason that a lowercase b is rendered as a flat symbol in a text field is that the text fields are normally used for chord symbols (normally expressed as uppercase letters leaving the lowercase b free to be used as a flat symbol). This used to really bug me when I was trying to add text to ABC files. Now I mainly use Sibelius for wordy pieces. But if it is just subtitles of parts then use a P field as in P: Jim of Aberdeen.

Thanks, I’ll do that from now on. Didn’t know about that feature.