Fairy Music jig

Also known as Bollan Bane, Wandescope.

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One setting

X: 1
T: Fairy Music
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
|:B/c/|d2g B2c|d2B G3|A2B cBA|d2B G2(3A/B/c/|
d2g B2c|d2B G3|A2B cAF|1 G3 G2:|2 G3 G3||
g3 fef|gfe def|gag fef|g3 def|
gag fef|gfe def|gag fef|g3 B2c|
d2g B2c|d2B G3|A2B cBA|d2B G2(3A/B/c/|
d2g B2c|d2B G3|A2B cAF|G3 G3||

Two comments

Fairy Music

This is another fairy tune from the Isle of Man. The story that goes along with this tune is:

‘Bill Pheric was coming home late one night across the mountains from Druidale and heard the fairies singing just as he was going over the river by the thorntree that grows there. The time that they had was the “Bollan Bane” [another name for this tune], and he wanted to learn it from them, so he went back three times before he could pick it up and remember it, but after the third time he had it by heart. Just then, the sun got up and the fairies went away, for they always go at sunrise. He came home whistling the tune, and since then it has been popular and much played on the fiddle. Many people think that Bill Pheric invented the tune, but he hadn’t, he got it from the fairies.’ (quoted in Bazin, 1997: 11-12).

Thanks for sharing the story!

I love tune origin tales of this sort!

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