Lady Owen’s Delight waltz

Also known as Difyswch Arglwyddes Owne’s, Lady Owen’s Favourite, Maldod Arglwyddes Owen.

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One setting

X: 1
T: Lady Owen's Delight
R: waltz
M: 3/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
|: dc | "G" B2 c2 d2 | "C" E2 F2 G2 | "Am" A2 B2 G2 | "D" F4 d2 |
"G" B2 G2 c2 | "Bm7" A2 F2 B2 | "D" G2 A2 F2 | "G" G4 :|
dc | "G" B4 B2 | "C" c2 e2 d2 | "Am" cB A2 G2 | "D" F4 |
dc | "G" B3 cd2 | "Am" e2 A2 d2 | "A7" g2 e2^c2 | "D" d4-c2 |
"G" B2 c2 d2 | "C" ef g2 d2 | "Am" e2 A2 G2 | "D" F4 d2 |
"G " B2 G2 c2 | "Bm7" A2 F2 B2 | "D" G2 A2 F2 | "G" G4 |]

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Lady Owen’s Delight

A 3/4 arrangement of an 18th Century Welsh tune (with my own chord settings added).

Original MS: "Blind Parry" - Twelve Airs for One and Two Guitars - circa 1760 (in 3/8 time).