Mi Le M’Uilinn waltz

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One setting

X: 1
T: Mi Le M'Uilinn
R: waltz
M: 3/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
{A}B2 e/d/G3|d2{c}B/A/!slide!B3-|B2 {a}e/d/d/G3/2-G|{c}A/G2 B/ dz/ e/g|+slide+e2d+slide+B3|
{a/}ed2{c/}B/A/!slide!B2|d2e<{a/}g!slide!g2|de>{a/}ed/e/!slide!B2|{a/}e>{a/}e d/e/G3|G{c/}A/G/HG4|
|:!slide!B2 e/d/G3|d2{c/}B/A/!slide!B3-|B2 {a}e/d/d/G3/2-G|{c}A/G2 A//B// dz/ e/g|+slide+e>{a/}ed+slide+B3|
{a/}ed2{c/}B/A/!slide!B2|d2e<{a/}g!slide!g2|de>{a/}ed/e/!slide!B2|1 {a/}e>{a/}edG3|G{c/}A/G/HG4:|
[2 {a/}e/d/d2 G3|!slide!B/A/G-HG4|z6|z6|!slide!B/A/G-HG4|z6|g6|!slide!B/A/G-HG4||

One comment

Mi Le M’Uilinn

A favourite of mine from Gavin Whelan’s new CD Catch The Air, it has a lovely lilting but melancholy quality to it. Gavin plays it on a Low F whistle in the key of F. I’ve transposed it down three semi-tones for the Low D.