The Centennial waltz

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Two settings

X: 1
T: The Centennial
R: waltz
M: 3/4
L: 1/8
K: Cmaj
|:E>F|"C"G3 e ^d>e|c2 G2 E>G|"F"F3 G (3FDE|"D7"A,3 B, C>A,|
"G"B,3 ^A, B,>D|G3 G ^F>G|1 "D7"A2 "G7"G2 f2|"C"e3 G:|2 "D7"A2 "G7"G2 B2|"C"c4||
|:"G7"e>f|"C"g3 c' b>c'|e4 f>e|"F"d<f- f2 d2|"D7"A3 B c>A|
"G"B3 ^A B>d|g3 g ^f>g|"D7"a2 (3gab "G7"c'2|"C"e4 e>f|
"C"g2 c'2 e2|g4 f>e|"F"d<f- f2 d2|"D7"A4 B>A|
"G"G2 B2 d2|"G7"g3 g ^f>g|"D7"a2 A2 "G7"B2|"C"c4:|
X: 2
T: The Centennial
R: waltz
M: 3/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmin
|:D>E|"Bb"F3 d ^c>d|B2 F2 D>F|"Eb"E3 F (3EDC|"C7"G,3 A, B,>G,|
"F"A,3 ^G, A,>C|F3 F =E>F|1 "C7"G2 "F7"F2 e2|"Bb"d3 F:|2 "C7"G2 "F7"F2 A2||
"Bb"B4|:"F7"d>e|"Bb"f3 b a>b|d4 e>d|"Eb"c<e- e2 c2|"C7"G3 A B>G|
"F"A3 ^G A>c|f3 f =e>f|"C7"g2 (3fga "F7"b2|"Bb"d4 d>e|
"Bb"f2 b2 d2|f4 e>d|"Eb"c<e- e2 c2|"C7"G4 A>G|
"F"F2 A2 c2|"F7"f3 f =e>f|"C7"g2 G2 "F7"A2|"Bb"B4:|

Three comments

Re: The Centennial

The key for X:2 is B flat, not the relative minor, Gmin (both have two flats in the key signature so the sound is the same)
I presume the transposition to B flat is to fit the tune into violin first position and avoid the stretch, or jump to third, to get the high C.

Re: The Centennial

I should have added, this is a delightful tune. Thanks, Sam, for posting it.