Kerry Mills barndance

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One setting

X: 1
T: Kerry Mills
R: barndance
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
"Intro"G>F|E3D B,3A,|G,>A,B,>C D3z|(3ddd d2 (3^ddd d2|(3eee e>^e f2z2|
D2B2 B>AG>E|D2 B2 B>AG>E|D2G2 AB3|d6z2|1 d2A2 A>Bc2|B2A2 G3z|
A2E2 E>FG2|F2e2 d3z|2 d2e2 d>BA>G|c2d2 c>GG>A|B>ed>B G2A2|G4G2||
B,>C|D3E G3A|B2e2 d<BA>G|E2G2 A3G|B4B2 B,>C|D3E G3A|B2e2 d<BA>G|
E2A2 B3E|A4A2 B,>C|D3E G3A|B2e2 d<BA>G|E2G2 A3G|B4B2 B>c|d2^c2=c2B2|
e2c4 B>A|d2e2B2A2|1 G2z4B,>C|2 G4G2||

Three comments

Kerry Mills

Taken from the original sheet music at More info about Mills the composer and other tunes of this name may be found at I originally learned this beautiful tune from a recording of Pennsylvania fiddler Jehile Kirkhuff. Don Messer recorded it, a century ago it was also on cylinders by outfits like the Edison Symphony Orchestra, including a guy adding the occasional loud "MOOOOOO!" - because it’s a barndance, see?

Frank Fallon and Jackie Roche’s Orchestras recorded the other tune of this name which Cuz Teahan played; this is a variant of Davy Davy Knick Knack:, combined with the 1st part of the Minstrel’s Fancy maybe? Old time Irish settings of that tune seem to always be in D, but the ones I’ve found online are all in G. The Flanagan Brothers recorded the KM barndance proper on one of their records.

Jim and Mary Coogan

Thanks Bill, I didn’t realize Jim had made a record. A friend got a D/C# Boxeen from him years ago, interesting accordion.