One recording of a tune named
The Morpeth Rant
With a tune named
Colonel McBain

The Morpeth Rant (reel) is also known as Abram Wood’s Hornpipe, Car Juan Nan, Morpeth’s Hornpipe, Ivy Leaf Hornpipe, Jim Clark’s Hornpipe, Clark’s Hornpipe And The New Sailor’s Hornpipe, Morpeth’s Rant, Pibddawns Abram Wood, Pibddawns Morfudd, She Shoh Dooyrt My Vummig.

Colonel McBain (reel) is also known as Brian Boru, Captain MacBean’s, Captain McBane’s, Col McBain, Dan Sullivan’s, The Devonshire, The Duke Of Clarence, General McBean, John Frank, Johnny’s Wedding, Sean Frank, Sean Frank’s, The Smoky House, Sporting Mollie.

Come Dance With Me by Richard Wood

  1. Gan Ainm (Gmaj Jig)
  2. Gan Ainm (Gmaj Jig)
  3. Colonel McBain
  4. Morpeth Rant
  5. Gan Ainm (Amaj Reel)