One recording of
The Morpeth Rant

The Morpeth Rant (reel) is also known as Abram Wood’s Hornpipe, Car Juan Nan, Morpeth’s Hornpipe, Ivy Leaf Hornpipe, Jim Clark’s Hornpipe, Clark’s Hornpipe And The New Sailor’s Hornpipe, Morpeth’s Rant, Pibddawns Abram Wood, Pibddawns Morfudd, She Shoh Dooyrt My Vummig.

Moran’s (hornpipe) is also known as Leitrim Fancy, The Leitrim Fancy, Moran’s Fancy, Shield’s.

No Distance / Gan Achar by Steven Hawson

  1. Fac’ Thu Na Feidh
  2. Leitrim Fancy
  3. Morpeth’s Rant