Louis Quinn’s hornpipe

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One setting

X: 1
T: Louis Quinn's
R: hornpipe
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
FE|:DA,DE FDFA | BGBd cABc | dcde fdgf | edcB (3ABA (3GFE |
DA,DE FDFA | BGBd cABc |1 dfeg fbaf | gABc d2FE:|2 dcdf gfef |gABc defg |
|: afdA FDA,D | FAdf afd2 | (3gag (3fgf edcd | (3efe (3dcB (3ABA (3GFE |
DA,DE FDFA | BGBd cABc | dfeg fagb |1 aABc d2fg:|2 aABc d2||

Five comments

Louis Quinn’s

A tune that comes from a home recording of a duet by Lad O’Bierne and Louis Quinn, fiddlers from Sligo and Armagh respectively. Louis recorded it solo as well, again on a home recording. These takes can be heard at http://comhaltasarchive.ie/ but I can only listen to 30 second samples of those for some reason, even though I’m logged in and should be able to hear the entire recording.

I’m not sure where this tune comes from, it’s a great melody. Jackie Daly called it Lad O’Bierne’s on his Many’s the Wild Night record but we’re already fairly drowning in L O’B tunes so it’s time to commemorate Louis a bit, eh? As far as I know Jackie’s the only one to record this hornpipe.

Is the first part really only half the usual length?

I just checked Jackie’s recording. He plays AABB, where each part is 8 bars.

And he plays it in G.

Louis Quinn’s

Good catch, updated. I must have gotten tired, or ran low on digital ink…;) the thought crossed my that was sort of weird but wondered if anyone would notice, too.

Hadn’t noticed Jackie was playing this down low in G. Lad & Louis were in D. Please do listen to the source recordings for anything I transcribe, I always provide them when possible since I’m under no circumstances to be trusted. ;) L&L do a bit of flag-dot or "Scotch Snap" here and there, which I didn’t bother with, also I’m not dead certain about what they played in bar 7. I find that a bit awkward on the banjo, on the fiddle it would probably be pretty straightforward.