One recording of
The Shepherd’s Daughter
The Primrose Lasses

The Shepherd’s Daughter (reel) is also known as Dan Breen’s, John Egan’s, The Shepard’s Daughter.

The Primrose Lasses (reel) is also known as 4 Nights Drunk, Byrne’s, Primrose Lass, The Primrose Lass, Primrose Lassie, The Primrose Lassies Highland Fling, The Primrose Lassies.

The World Pipe Band Championships 2006 Vol.1 by Various Artists

  1. The Big Yin
  2. Blackley Of Hillsdale
  3. John Morrison Of Assynt House
  4. The Shepherd’s Daughter
  5. Paddy Taylor’s
  6. The Primrose Lass
  7. Boolavogue
  8. Molly Quinlan’s
  9. The Battering Ram
  10. Montague’s