The White Rose waltz

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Two settings

X: 1
T: The White Rose
R: waltz
M: 3/4
L: 1/8
K: Cmaj
G,/ A,>B, |C2 E2- E>C | D2 F2 D2 | C2 E>G E>G | F2 A2- A>F | G2 c>B c>d | e2 d2 c2 | d2 d>c d>e | d4 (3G,A,B, |
C2 E>D C2 | D2 F2- F>D | E2 G2 C2 | F2 A2 (3DEF | G2 c2 e2 | f2 f>A B>A | c2 c>B c>d | c2 ||
G2 c2 |e2 c2 A2 | d4 e>d | c2 c>B A2 | G2 G>F E>D | C2- C>C B,>C | E>D C2 A>_B, | B,<G- G>^F =F>D | B,4 (3G,A,B, |
C>D E>C D>E | D>E F2 B,>D | E>F G>E C>E | F>G A2 E>F | G2 c2 e2 | f4 B2 | c2- c>B c>d | c2- c3/ |]
X: 2
T: The White Rose
R: waltz
M: 3/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
|: D E<F |G2 B3 G | AB c3 A | B2 d3 B | c2 e2 f>e | d2 g3 f | g2 a2 b2 | a4- ab | a3 D EF |
G2 B3 G | A2 c3 A | B2 d3 B | c2 e2 f>e | d2 g2 a2 | bc' b2 fa | g4- ga | g3 :|
|: d ga |b6 | a3 b- ba | g2 f2 e2 | d4 (3DE<F | G4 FG | AG- G2 EG | F4- FG | F3 D EF |
G2 B3 G | AB c3 A | B2 d3 B | c2 e2 f>e | d2 g2 a2 | bc' b2 fa | g4- ga | g3 :|

Three comments

"The White Rose Waltz"

This can be taken in several keys, but more often than not I’ve found it in C, the bulk of it anyway. There are also some curious takes on it that move from D to Bb for the first half of the B-part. It can also be found played as a 32 bar waltz or a 64 bar waltz. The first version given here is in honour of someone I never had the pleasure of meeting, but who I investigated further after this recent thread in ‘discussions’:

Discussion: Allan Block
# Posted by David Levine - October 29th, 2013

Chasing up several listens I was reminded of this waltz as they take it after a song here:

Allan Block & Martha Burns, "Goin’ Back to Dixie" and (3: 35) "White Rose Waltz" ~ song & waltz

I suspect some of you will have other takes on this you can add, I know I have, but I’ll hold off for now and add them later, different keys, and both 32 and 64 bars worth, and some quite different takes on it too. Then, I might give it as I take it, or at least a fingering for D-limited instruments, single row melodeon and winds and the like…

In the meantime I will add some other lovely takes on this found in the YouTube mix, where there’s also some I wouldn’t add, for all our sakes… 😏

"White Rose Waltz" ~ J.P. & Annadeene Fraley

1975 Berea College Celebration of Traditional Music

I’d hoped to find a longer tract for this by them, but, alas, in this case they cut it short, missing their usual repeat for the B-part.

However, here’s someone else teaching it as part of a workshop on the fiddling of J.P. Fraley, 64 bars ~
Betty Vornbrock & Billy Cornette
Austin (Texas) Freinds of Traditional Music Midwinter Festival - 2012

& another nice take on this one, 32 bars:
Beverly Smith & John Grimm - White Rose Waltz
Recorded at the Square and Compass, Ashill, Somerset, May 4th 2012