The Murmuring Tide waltz

Also known as The Murmering Tide.

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One setting

X: 1
T: The Murmuring Tide
R: waltz
M: 3/4
L: 1/8
K: Ador
AB c3 A |BG d4 |AB c3 d |B2 G4 |AB c3 A |BG d4| e2 A4 |G2 A4 |
AB c3 A |Bc d4 |AB c3 d |B2 G4 |AB c3 A |BG d4| e2 A4 |G2 A4 |:
ef g3e| ag e3 d| c2 g3 c| BA G4| AB c3 A |Bc d4 |e2 A4 |G2 A4 :|

Three comments

The Murmering Tide

While searching for some music of the late Darach De Brun, I found this simple and haunting tune played by his band "Drantan" here :
Perhaps is this tune from the pen of Darach ?
Any info welcome, as for the other tunes of the CD "Tus Maith" that one can hear on the FB page of the band (but can’t be found elsewhere…)


Not FB page but Myspace … Sorry


Hi "Didier" - you are quite correct, this tune is one of Darach de Brun’s compositions. He gave me a copy of the "Tus Maith" CD at a festival here in Scotland 4 years ago soon after it had been released. This was a very simple tune which Darach told me he was particularly proud of. The "midi" reproduction here, of course, could never do justice to the tune.
I’ll list "Tus Maith" in the "Recordings" section sometime later this week.
RIP, Darach.
[ PS - if the title "The MurmEring Tide" appears on "Myspace", it’s a mis-spelling. I’ve corrected it to how it is spelt on the CD = "MurmUring" ].

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