Michael Coleman’s waltz

Also known as Diablo, Joe Connolly’s Favourite, Kevin’s Viennese, Old Time, Unidentified.

There are 19 recordings of a tune by this name.

A tune by this name has been recorded together with Gingerhogs No. 2 (a few times) and Give Us A Drink Of Water (a few times).

Michael Coleman's has been added to 10 tunebooks.

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One setting

X: 1
T: Michael Coleman's
R: waltz
M: 3/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
|:D2BAB2 | D2cBc2 | D2 d^cd2 | e2 f2 a2 | g2 g2 (3gfe | f2 f2 fe | de dc A2 | de dc A2 |
D2 BAB2 | D2 cBc2 | D2 d^cd2 | e2 f2 a2 | g2 g2 (3gfe | f2 f2 fe | de dc AF |1 G4 (3GFE :|2 G4 (3ABc |
|:d2 d2 d^c | d2 d2 d^c | de dc AF | G2 B2 d2 | g2 g2 gf | g2 g2 gf | ga gf dc | A2 B2 c2 |
d2 d2 d^c | d2 d2 d^c | de dc AF | G2 B2 g2 | f2 f2 A2 | f2 f2 fe | de dc AF |1 G4 (3ABc :|2 G4 (3GFE |

One comment

Michael Coleman’s

This waltz has been given a different title on every recording it was featured on - on "Sligo Ceili" Seamus Tansey called it Michael Coleman’s, which is the title I’ve always used, although I don’t have that rarer-than-rare LP myself (!), I think I came across it in a book (probably the Fiddlecase publications tunebook); on some pressings (!) of Joe Ryan and Eddie Clarke’s Crossroads LP it’s called "Kevin’s Viennese," but on mine and in the database here it’s simply titled "Old Time Waltz." On a late 60s LP from the Connaught Ceili Band it’s "Joe Connolly’s Favourite." On the Spirit of West Clare Bobby Casey didn’t have a title for it at all.

One fellow on IRTRAD-L theorized that the Kevin mentioned above was box player Kevin Keegan, who played in the Aughrim Slopes Ceili Band; he succeeded Joe Mills in that role, who is said to have liked this tune a great deal, and had yet another title - the Diablo Waltz. There are a few tunes out there on old sheet music with that title as well so perhaps it’s an old ballroom tune of some sort?

Connaught Ceili Band recording download: http://www.capeirish.com/tune_vault/#ccb
IRTRAD-L discussion: https://listserv.heanet.ie/cgi-bin/wa?A2=ind0202&L=irtrad-l&D=0&P=56539