One recording of
Daniel Of The Sun
A Trip To The Cottage

Daniel Of The Sun (jig) is also known as Boddach A Lander, The Bottle Of Brandy, Buckasheen Landy/Randy, Cos Na Lachan, Domhnall Na Greine, Donald Of The Sun, Donall Na Greine, The Irish Trot, The Leg Of A Duck, The Leg Of The Duck, Leis Lacha, Sunny Dan, Thady You Gander, Wee Murdie, Wee Murdy.

A Trip To The Cottage (jig) is also known as Trip To The Cottage, The Trip To The Cottage, Turas ‘Un Toighe, Turas Go Di’n Iosdan.

Dance Music Of Ireland, Volume 3 by Matt Cunningham

  1. Trip To The Cottage
  2. Daniel Of The Sun
  3. Trip To The Cottage
  4. Daniel Of The Sun
  5. Trip To The Cottage