Maple Leaf Rag barndance

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One setting

X: 1
T: Maple Leaf Rag
R: barndance
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
zGdG Bd2F|dFAd-d4|zGdG Bd2F|dFAd-d2zd|zG_B_ezdzd|zG_B_ezdz2|
G,G,_B,G B,G_Bg|G,G_Bg G,GBg|g2g2g2gg-|gdeB de2G|GA_BG A=B2G|BGA2G3G-|G2G2 G2GG-|
GDEB, DE2G,-|G,A,_B,G,A,B,2G,|B,G,A,2G,2z2|zfd'f a^c'2f|=d'fab- bdad|zBgB de2B|
gBde- eBe2|zdfA ce2d|fAce- ece2|zBgBd de2B|gBde -eBe2|zfd'f a^c'2f|
=c'fab- bdad|zBgB de2B|g2g2 f2=f2|zEGB eBGE|zEAc e2c2|B2zBz A2D|1 G2 d2-d2 d2|
[2 "D.C. al Coda"zGBd g2 z2||"CODA"BGA2 G2g2|[K:Cmaj]G3A- ABA2|G3A- ABAB|GcAc eGce|
AceG- GeAe|G3A- ABA2|G3A- ABAB|GcAc eGce|AceG- Ge^Ge|A3B- B^cB2|A3B- B^cBc|
zdad fb2d|adfb- bda2|c'2c'2 b2a2|ecdf- fAe2|ecde- eBdc-|1 cg2e gege|
[2 cceg c'2z2||[K:Gmaj]g2e2 g2e2|g2ab- bage|de2B- B4|zdeB de2B|d2eA A4|zceA ce2B-|
BdeB de2B-|BdeB de2d|g2e2 g2e2|g2ab- bage|g2e2 dg2B-|BdeB de2G-|GAG2 G2AG-|
GABG AB2G-|GABG zA2D|1 G2d2 d2d2|2 G2d2 g2z2||

One comment

Maple Leaf Rag

Yes, seriously. ;) It’s Friday and all. This was another off-the-wall item in the book The Violinst’s Guide to Fiddling.