Keeper Hill jig

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One setting

X: 1
T: Keeper Hill
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Ador
G|E2A GAB|A2G A2B|.c3 g2e|d2B GAB|A2a a2g|efg d2B|c2B A2G|EFG D2G|
.E2A GAB|A2G A2B|.c3 g2e|d2B GAB|A2a a2g|efg d2B|E3A2 G|(A3A2):|
B|c3g2e|d2B GAB|cde g2e|d2B GAB|A2a a2g|a2b a2g|f3 d2^c|(d3d2)B|
c3g2e|d2B GAB|cde g2e|d2B GAB|A2a a2g|a2b a2g|.f3 d2B|(c3c2) B|
A2B A2G|EFG D2G|.E2A c2B|A2a agf|.g3G2 A|B2AG2B|d2B G2A|B2AG2D|
E2A GAB|A2B c2B|A2a agf|(g3g2) a|b2a g2e|d2B A2G|E3A2G|(A3A2)||

One comment

Keeper Hill (Set Dance)

This Set Dance is composed by Eileen O’Brien, daughter of the renown accordion player Paddy O’Brien. It is recorded on her CD The Fiddlers Choice.