The Straw Man reel

Also known as Bodach Fodair, Captain MacDuff, Daughter’s Wedding, Mabou Coal Mines, Strawman, The Strawman.

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One setting

X: 1
T: The Straw Man
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Amaj
d | "A"{cd}c2 BA cAAd | {cd}c2 BA "Bm"BFFd | "A"c<eAc "E"{Bc}B2 AG | "D"{FG}F2 EC "A"EA,A, :|
d | "A"cdef ecae | cefb "E7"ecBd | "A"cdef ecaf | ec"E7"dB "A"{AB}[A2A2] Ad |
"A"cdef ecae | cefb "E"ecBe | "A"ae e/e/e "F#m"{g}fece | "D"fbec "E"{Bc}B2 "A"A ||
d | "A"{cd}c2 BA cAAd | {cd}c2 BA "Bm"BFFd | "A"c<eAc "E"{Bc}B2 AG | "D"{FG}F2 EC "A"EA,A, :|
D | "A"CDEF ECAE | CEFA "E7"ECB,D | "A"CDEF ECAF | EC"E7"DB, "A"A,2 A,d |
"A"cdef ecae | cefb "E"ecBe | "A"ae e/e/e "F#m"{g}fece | "D"fbec "E"{Bc}B2 "A"A |]
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Three comments

Drones and Grace Notes

Lots of drones make this tune and tuning lots of fun. The more the merrier!

Also the two note grace notes are to be played a little sliggishly, almost a triplet, but just a little faster in the Donald Angus Beaton style. This setting comes from Andrea Beaton.

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