One recording of
Eileen Curran
Miss Langford’s

Eileen Curran (reel) is also known as Eileen Curran’s, Eileen Curren, Eillie Curran’s, John Stewart, The Sailor’s Return, Sailors Set On Shore.

Miss Langford’s (reel) is also known as The Carracastle Lass, The Carrickcastle Lass, John Eddie’s, Lady Mary Montague, The Lass Of Carracastle, Miss Landford’s, Miss Langford, Miss Langfort, Miss Langton’s, Miss Longford, Morrison’s, O’Brien’s Favourite.

The Best Ever Traditional Irish Pub Session Volume Two by Various Artists

  1. The Shaskeen
  2. Lady Ann Montgomery
  3. Morrison’s
  4. Eileen Curran