One recording of
Eileen Curran
The Steeplechase

Eileen Curran (reel) is also known as Eileen Curran’s, Eileen Curren, Eillie Curran’s, John Stewart, The Sailor’s Return, Sailors Set On Shore.

The Steeplechase (reel) is also known as A Hard Road To Travel, Carraig Uí Leighin, The Carrigaline, The Hard Road To Travel, The Lad Among The Spriggers, Léimrás, Marcaċ Léimrása, The Milestone, The Rock Of Cashel.

When The Prescription Runs Out by Padraig O'Neill and Ian Kinsella

  1. Welcome To Shetland
  2. The Steeplechase
  3. Eileen Curran