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One setting

X: 1
T: Cattle In The Cane
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Amaj
z8|z6 "Intro" {G}A2|A2 AA A2 AA|A2 AA A2 AB|
|:"A major" ce ef ed cd|ec ef =ge d=c|"G major" B=G B=c de dB|=GB eB dB A=G|
"A" ce ee ef ed|cA cd ea fa|"G"((3f=gf) ec ((3BcB) AF|"E" ((3E^EF) AB "A"A4:|
K:A minor
"A minor" A2 A2 [A2A,2] A, B,|CE DC A,G, ((3A,CA,)|"C major" G,C A,B, CD EG|AB cd ed cB|
"Am" ce ((3BcB) AB AG|EG ED CE DC|"C" EC EG ED CE|"E" DC B,C "Am" A,2 {F}G2|
"Am" A A,A,2 A,2 A,B,|CE DC A,G, ((3A,CA,)|"C" G,C A,B, CD EG|AB cd ed cB|
"Am" cd ea gb ag|eg e^d =dc AG|"C" EG cG Bc AG|"E" ED CB, "A major" [e2A2E2A,2] [e2A2E2A,2]||

Four comments

Cattle In The Cane

This tune is great fun to play, changing from major to minor and back again. It sounds good played in a high speed bluegrass style, or at a more sedate pace. I transcribed it from a cassette I had of mandolin tunes - I think it was David Grisman playing. The tape was lost long ago, but fortunately I wrote this tune down before the tape went missing, and last night, (ten years after losing the tape), I was overjoyed to be reminded of this little gem when I found it scribbled in the back of a book. Enjoy!

Cattle In The Cane

One of my favourite mandolin tunes too, sounds best if your guitarist knows it’s going to go to the major for the B part! Norman Blake does a good guitar version paired up with “The Kitchen Girl”.

Agreed, vanman. It definitely requires a ‘guitar warning’. I played it at a session last week, and the guitar was fine, but the whistle players were stymied because apparently it’s impossible to play without changing whistles half way through. So a good one if you enjoy confusing whistle players!

Re: Cattle In The Cane

A really nice tune to start the day with!