Dans Plinn Of The Tune Police reel

Also known as Dañs Plin, Dañs Plinn.

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One setting

X: 1
T: Dans Plinn Of The Tune Police
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Amix
Ae ed cB cA|Bc d2 B2 cA|Bc d2 cB c>d|
ef ed cB cA|Bc d2 B2 cA|Bc d2 cB c2|:
A/2B/2c dc BA GA| Bf e2d2 cA|
cB dc BA GA|Bd de/2d/2 cB A2:|

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Dans Plinn of the Tune Police

Rhythm: Dans Plinn
Composer: Gian Marco Pietrasanta (craniota)

This is a Breton style tune composed by an Italian.
It is dedicated to Will Harmon 🙂)

Bella, bella, Gian Marco! Grazi!

And it’s very funny, because no matter how hard I try, I just can’t fall in love with Breton music. Thanks for giving me a smile! 🙂

P.S. McAullife’s was supposed to be in G, no?

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What does "Dans Plinn" mean? I’ll make a guess that "Dans" means "dance", but "plinn"?



The "Dans Plinn" is a Breton Dance.
I don’t know what "plinn" means.

I looked for "plinn" in online Breton dictionaries, but could not find it. I’ll make a guess that it might be a Breton pronunciation of the French "plein", meaning "full" or "complete", which might make some sort of sense in relation to a dance. Or "Plinn" might be a place name. I very much expect to be corrected on this. Can a Breton expert help?

Dans Plinn

Hello folks,

I just wrote you a big explanation about Dans Plinn, and that f…. Microsof IE crashed….
Well, let’s be optimistic : this version will be better….
OK, Dans Plinn is a dance of Central upper Britanny, which is a Bretonnante Part of Britanny, where people speak Breton (Irish equivalent : Keltach area), which as you know has nothing to do with French at all but is closed to Welsh or Cornish.
Plinn itself means "flat" and by extension "sober".
The explanation is (I guess) that it was invented to flatten the ground of houses (That had no floor… Britanny was poor), the dance basically consists in making some tiny jumps and try to enter the ground and it’s danced in a row that moves left (as in many Breton Dances…), so of course at the end of the Fest Noz (Night Party), the floor was flat. It was danced at the sound of Biniou/Bombard, singers and also clarinet that became quite popular in the region at the end of the 19th century.
Rythm of plinn dans is really psychedelic, monotonous and close to modern techno beats: Boom Boom Boom/2 Boom/2 Boom
As Fest Noz is very popular today’s in Britanny, and that band have added a lot of bass and drums to their trad instruments, it’s just great to dance and you feel like you will give up before the end when dancing (it requires a lot of energy).
Jean-Michel Veillon (Great wooden flute player) is really great to hear playing Dans Plinn.
Otherwise about today’s tune, it’s not played the right way for a plinn if you play it as a reel of course, but does not matter !
If you find some other Plinn tunes, it will sound to you rather simple tunes but that where the difficult part is : it’s all in the way you play it.
But come to Britanny during summer and go to the big fest noz ! It ‘s my favourite depravation place.
For those you are in Paris next week, there is a big one there (start at 9PM, ends…..???) , and also at the beg. of march, contact me to know more !

I hope it was not too long to read,


Dans plinn

Grazie Robinson! Thanks for your explanation.

Re: Dans Plinn Of The Tune Police

Yann-Fanch Perroches, accordion player in Skolvan, told me plinn (actually ‘plin’ in the Breton language) means flat, and relates to the dance in that it’s from a ‘plin’ or ‘flat’ region of Brittany, and that (possibly) it refers to the fact that the dance steps are ‘flat’; one never raises one’s feet "higher than a cigarette paper."