Far Away From Home barndance

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One setting

X: 1
T: Far Away From Home
R: barndance
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
GE |: D2DE G2GA | BABA B2d2 | d3e dBAG | A2ED E2GE |
D2DE G2GA | BABA B2d2 | dege dBAB | [1 G2GE G2GE :| [2 G2GE G2ga
|: b2bg a2ag | gage d2B2 | d2de dBAG | A2ED E2ga |
b2bg a2ag | gage d2B2 | dege dBAB | G2GE G4 :|

Four comments

Far Away From Home

I saw John Carty play this on youtube and was a bit confused. In one place he calls the tune “Far From Home” and another “Far Away From Home”. It’s described there as ”a favourite barndance of the late Michael Coleman.” I can’t seem to verify that.

I recognize “Far From Home” as a reel which is somewhat similar to Carty’s barndance but not the same. He plays it as a barndance with flavors that seem to me like “Fluter’s Ball” but again not the same tune. I’ve annotated the tune here as I perceive it but without the ornamentation. I’ll put up an ornamented version as I play it if you like. Annotated here in "G" but I believe John capos the banjo up three to play in "Bb" for the sax. (Yep, sax.)
I couldn’t find the tune here on the session so I’m posting it as a new tune but if you know another name for it or have any more history on tune please post it.

Far From Johnny Gorman

I can’t say this is not "Johnny Gorman’s" barndance, but I can say it’s not tune 8070. The ABC for 8070 generates "gobblety-gook". I was already familiar with "Far From Home", tune 1164. Thanks though for the lead.. I’ll check elsewhere for a clean version of "Johnny Gorman’s". I’ve seen a lot of confusion on John’s own website on tune names… I do the same. So many tunes, so many names. Someone will start playing a tune and I’ll join in without ever really remembering the name of the tune.

Far Away From Home

I found a clean version of "Johnny Gorman’s" barndance on the session: https://thesession.org/tunes/8187
‘Tis not the same tune as the one I’ve posted here.. still puzzling… but hope to recover soon.