Waltz For Kylin waltz

By Dougie Hunter

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Two settings

X: 1
T: Waltz For Kylin
R: waltz
M: 3/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
|:FE|D3F A>B|A4 d>e|f>e d>f e>d|B4 Bc|
d>B A>F A>B|A2 F3D|G2 F2 D2|E4 EF/E/|
D3F A>B|A4 d>e|f>e d>f e>d|B4 B>c|
d>B A>F A>B|E4 D2|E<D D4|D4:|
d>e|f>e d>f e>d|B4 AB/c/|d2 d>e f>g|e4 d>e|
f>e d>f e>d|B3g f>g|f3g f>g|e4 d>c|
d2 D>F d>B|A4 d>e|f>e d>f e>d|B4 B>c|
d>B A>F A>B|E4 D2|E<D D4|D4:|
# Added by JACKB .
X: 2
T: Waltz For Kylin
R: waltz
M: 3/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
|:(F>E)|D3 (F A>B)|A4 (d>e)|f>e d>f e>d|B4 (B>c)|d>B A>F A>B|A2 (F3 D)|G2 F2 D2|E4E (F/ E/|
D3) (F A>B)|A4 (d>e)|f>e d>f e>d|B4 (B>c)|d>B A>F A>B|E4 D2|B,<DD4|D2:|
|:(d>e)|f>e d>f e>d|B4 (AB/c/)|d2 (d>e) f>g|e4 (d>e)|f>e d>f e>d|B3 (g f>g)|f3 (g f>g)|e4 (d>c)|
d2 (D>F) d>B|A4 (d>e)|f>e d>fe>d|B4B>c|d>B A>F A>B|E4 D2|B,>DD4|D4:|

Five comments

Waltz for Kylin

This Waltz was composed by Piano Accordion player Dougie Hunter.

I just heard this lovely Scottish Waltz, for the first time last week, at our Ballymoney Session, but knew as soon as I heard it that I had to learn it.

Here, I play it on my Fiddle, English Concertina, Mandolin & Tin Whistle.


Dougie Hunter plays Accordion with the band Hoogie & you can hear them play this Waltz on track 5 of their recording ~ ‘Knackiedoo’



Just noticed that the version I play is slightly different.

Ah’m no saying wha is recht or wha is wrang.

Waltz for Kylin!

Aye, that’s the beauty o’ the tradition, we each add our own wee flavour to them. 😉

I see there’s a couple of YouTubes of this tune:

Played by David Anderson with Louisa Costelloe on Concertina and the late Norman Conboy on Guitar:

There’s another by this young Ceili Band … if you can stand the bloody awful racket the young bloke makes on yin o’ thon seat-drum things! 🙁

& finally, this young fella plays a measured version of it - from around 2:00 mins!

Incidentally, I’ve added my version to a wee compilation video of photos from the 1st 3 years of our wee session in Ballymoney, where I first heard this lovely Waltz: